A refreshing blogging experience

| November 25, 2018

November 25, 2018

Hello. My name is Billy and I just created typeblogger. A freshing, minimal, text only, blogging experience / platform / journal.

It is refreshing because there will never be flashy ads, it’s 100% free, and all posts are text only. It’s almost like reading was before the Internet.

I recognize books many times include pictures or illustrations and images aren’t allowed here. But, by going with text only everyone can truly focus on your words, plus it keeps the site fast.

For now at least, I am also disabling commenting. Too often comments end up ugly or filled with spam. Therefore, instead of comments, you may applaud the author to show your appreciation, but that’s as social as we get here.

I am purposely avoiding social features even if it means less people want to participate.

I hope you enjoy this minimal, text only blogging experience.