Corporations shorten lifespans

| November 28, 2018

November 28, 2018

In a corporation, you have executives at the top. Some worked hard to get there. Some are just good talkers. Either way, once you are at a certain point in a company, everyone below you is disposable. You can come up with whatever crazy plan that you want. As long as it is somewhat feasible, everyone follows along because they need a job. They need money to pay the bills.

I’m not an executive. I often wonder what it’s like to be them. Do they drive home in their fancy car, pull into their $500,000+ home, and then pour a glass of wine and kick back? Oblivious to the general employee several layers beneath them who is working late every day, gets paid peanuts, and wants to die because work stresses them out so badly? Or, are they just as stressed out as us lower level employees? I can’t imagine they would be quite as stressed. Because A) they are where they are because they can think fast and make any conversation theirs. They are, as I’ve mentioned, good talkers. And B) they make mind boggling amounts of money. Employees beneath them are pay check to pay check, and they have a huge home, huge savings, and yearly cruises.

Maybe they deserve it though. Isn’t life/work all about whoever works the hardest, gets the glory? Actually, no, I don’t believe that. The fact is, you can work harder than anyone at your company, but still not get paid as much as the person who, again, is a good talker.

There are movies and TV shows about how evil corporations are. And, many people would agree, they are in general, pretty scummy. I mean, the goal of a corporation is to make money. Money is evil. With all of the opinions, movies, books, shows, etc., that paint corporations in a bad light, you’re left with no choice but to think… “Hmm, maybe there’s some truth to all of this.” And of course, there is. Corporations in general, are evil, and they cause so much stress and pain in people’s lives that they must shorten lifespans. It’s pure logic.

If I live a long time I’ll be shocked. Because my company causes daily, major stress in my life.

So, what do we do? There’s nothing we can do. Society has and will always be this way until the end.