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Roll it off your backIn my previous entry I let everyone know I was …2018/12/102018-12-10 01:02:05
Quitting some social mediaI did it. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram apps. …2018/12/032018-12-03 00:47:15
Corporations shorten lifespansIn a corporation, you have executives at the top. Some …2018/11/282018-11-28 22:29:09
Every morning anxiousSince I was old enough to go to school I’ve …2018/11/262018-11-26 12:48:01
To tree or not to treeThis Christmas one might ponder: To tree or not to …2018/11/252018-11-25 21:11:34
A refreshing blogging experienceHello. My name is Billy and I just created typeblogger. …2018/11/252018-11-25 18:34:52