Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple because we have nothing to hide. We do what we can to protect your data, but any website can be hacked.

We never share your data with third parties (another user might share your posts on another site though, we cannot stop that).

We don't require much personal information - just a valid email address, and of course a password.

We don't have advertisements.

We do use cookies - they help us to remember your preferences and remember that you are logged in.

We have four simple privacy settings for your blog posts:

1) Public - The world can see your post.
2) Friends Only - Only people you add to your friends list can see your post.
3) Only me - Only you can see your post.*
4) Anonymous - Use any of the above settings but also remove your username/name from the post.

* Our database admins could potentially see even your private posts. Plus, if legally required, we would turn over your posts, even private ones, to law enforcement. But in general, the public cannot see private posts.

This page was last updated December 21, 2018.