Terms of Service
Terms of Service

If you sign up at typeblogger.com (also referred to below as website, we, us) you are agreeing to these terms of service.

You may not post anything that we consider heinous. We reserve the right to delete your posts, data, account at anytime without any warning regardless. But, by heinous we mean abusive or illegal. Also, we aren't fans of trolls or conspiracy theories.

You may not copy or reverse engineer typeblogger.com. Or, use the name typeblogger, or any of our logos elsewhere.

We grant you permission to do what you want with your own posts. You may print them, share them, turn all of your posts into a book and sell them (not here, we mean physically turn them into a book and sell the book separately). The point is, they are your posts. You own the content in your own posts. But, as mentioned above, we have the right to remove your posts.

This is a text-only blogging platform. You may not hack the system or try to find ways to post images or other things other than text.

You must be 18 or older to use typeblogger.com.

This page was last updated December 25, 2018.