Dear Internet,

Hello. This is the very first blog entry at . My name is Billy and I am starting because online communities have gotten too complex and they share your data with third parties, and are filled with many things that you do not need. Especially if you just want to blog.

This community is a free platform which is text-only. As you can see here, I have typed text into a form, published that text, and now you are reading that text. No videos, no audio, and no images. I love all of those things, but I want a place without them as well.

You may post publicly, like this post is. Or, you may post to friends only, or keep a private journal. It is as easy as changing the visibility when you post.

We swear and promise to never share your data with third parties. This is the most private community you'll ever be a part of.

There was a time when books were the main source of entertainment and knowledge and typeblogger, thanks to it's minimalism and text-only blog posts, is bringing this style of entertainment back.

Peace & love,
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