2019’s new fad diet

With 2019 just a day or so away, I have been researching various . Cliché? Yes. But, I’m very glad that I took the time to do the research because I’ve found the ultimate diet. The thing is, it hasn’t quite caught on yet. But, I’m betting it will be the new fad diet in 2019.

The diet I’m talking about doesn’t have a name yet. It needs one. I mean, the latest fad diet is called keto. It sounds so... neat-o. Maybe by the end of this article I will think of a name. Let’s get on with how the diet works.

First, there’s food. Like any diet, you can only eat certain foods, and so many times a day. What you do is, when you are cooking or grocery shopping you ask yourself, “Is this good for me?” Now, this might be the most challenging part of the diet. But, what’s cool is, if you think back to elementary school, you’ll start remembering that vegetables, fruit, nuts and berries are great for you. Then, if you are not a vegetarian, meat is okay to eat too. In moderation. That brings me to the second key part of the diet.

You can’t eat five steaks, as one example. One steak is okay, accompanied by some broccoli or other veggies. Then, for a drink, try juice or that stuff that comes from clouds. Water. Yes, water.

Also, you want to eat three times a day, and maybe have a snack in there too. A healthy snack. Try an apple. Maybe a slice of cheese.

What’s great about this diet is you can cheat a little. Have ice cream, cupcakes, cake, cookies, and whatever else. Because the final part of this diet will counteract that bad stuff.

The final part of the diet is... move. Now, I don't mean move from your bed to the couch. I mean, walk on a treadmill. Go for a jog. Lift weights. I want to say this is called exercise, but I can't recall if that is the correct terminology or not.

That's it. Eat three well-balanced meals, and exercise (if that's the right term). I think I just came up with a cool diet name for this too. The normal diet. Or, the well-balanced diet. Yeah. I like it.

I'm positive this will soon be the latest fad.
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